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Cape Jackson, Queen Charlotte Sound, Marlborough, New Zealand
Cap Jackson, Queen Charlotte Sound, Marlborough, New Zealand NZ
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Uncharted Wilderness Tours specialises in guided or unguided walking/boat tours in the Outer Queen Charlotte Sound, Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand.
If you are looking for a friendly personal tour that is down to earth and shows the real Outer Queen Charlotte Sound and its beautiful environment, on land or underwater, then they would love to share their beautiful, remote and secret world with you.

About us
Uncharted Wilderness Tours is based at Cape Jackson in the Outer Queen Charlotte Sound.
Born and bred in the Marlborough region, Craig and Trudy, have lived their whole lives in and around the Marlborough Sounds. Lucky to be able to realise their passion of nature, the outdoors and the sea, they are dedicated to making each tour unforgettable, unique and personal to you.

For those who want a taste of what the Outer Queen Charlotte Sounds has to offer but have limited time, to those who have three to four days in mind, there is a choice of guided and unguided tours.
 Day tour snorkelling Long Island Marine Reserve
 Overnight tours, staying at Cape Jackson, and visiting sanctuary islands Motuara or Long Island
 Multi night tours, staying at and exploring Cape Jackson, tramping from Ship Cove and/or visiting sanctuary islands, Motuara or Long Island
 Unguided tours include, staying at and exploring Cape Jackson, and visiting Motuara Island and Blumine Island
Uncharted Wilderness Tours is passionate and proud to show you the wilderness lands around and to the north of Ship Cove, including the private walking tracks on the Cape Jackson peninsula.

We look forward to showing you our backyard.

Craig and Trudy Nicholas