Pack Transfers

One of the nice things about the Queen Charlotte Track is Pack Transfers. As you walk along the Track your luggage will be transferred to your daily destination by water taxi. To assist us all please note the following:

Take only what you actually need for your time on the track. Other luggage can be stored in Picton. Ask your accommodation provider or transport operator to arrange storage.


Please limit your luggage to a day pack and one light to medium pack (or piece of luggage) per person.


The recommended maximum weight per piece of luggage for unaccompanied transfer along the track is 15kg.


Extra pieces of luggage may be accepted at an extra charge but may have to be transported separately from the one piece entitlement depending on the transport operator’s loadings for the day in question.


For safety reasons (yours and ours) luggage for unaccompanied transfer along the track may not have additional items tied to the outside.


Transport operators provide a special label for your pack. This label is especially important as it identifies whose luggage it is, which boat company is transporting it and where it is going each day. Please make sure your label is attached and clearly visible at all times.


For security reasons all unaccompanied packs and luggage going to and from The Portage Resort Hotel, Portage Bay Shop and the DOC campsite at Cowshed Bay are collected from, stored and delivered to Torea Bay wharf by The Portage Resort Hotel staff. The wharf is a 20 minute walk from the hotel over a steep saddle. There is a charge of $6.00 per item (includes collection, storage and return) for this service, payable direct to The Portage Resort Hotel.


Please do not leave passports, travel tickets, money or other valuables in any unaccompanied luggage.

Please Note: While the transport operators and lodges will take all reasonable care of your luggage please understand that your luggage passes through a number of different hands each day. No member of Queen Charlotte Track (Inc) nor Queen Charlotte Track (Inc) itself accepts any responsibility or liability for loss or damage of any sort to your luggage, or for any consequential losses you may incur.