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What to Bring?

Come Prepared

Please ensure you are well prepared. As for any walk in New Zealand, it is recommend that you bring sturdy, broken-in footwear, a warm jersey, a parka and a water bottle.

If you are staying overnight on the track it is essentail to prebook your accommodation on the track or take a tent.

Always make sure you tell someone responsible where you are going and when you expect to return.

Below is a list of all the Essential and Optional items suggested that you bring while walking or biking the Queen Charlotte Track.

Essential Items:

Here is our list of suggested items to bring for when waking or biking the track.
  Walking Biking
Waterproof raincoat
Sturdy footwear - tramping boots or shoes (worn in)  
Soft shoes (heavy shoes or tramping boots are not suitable)  
Shorts for walking / biking
T shirts for fine weather
Fleece jacket or micro fleece top
Warm, protective clothing
Thermal underwear (for winter only)
Warm hat - fleece or woollen (for winter only)
Gloves (for winter only)
Woollen or thermal socks
Sunscreen / Sun protection
Insect repellent
Water Bottle
First Aid Kit
Puncture Repair Kit  

Optional Items:

Swimsuit, spare boots / shoe laces, "second skin" / platers for blisters, torch, extra film for camera, extra batteries for camera / torch etc, notepaper, pen, wallet, travel documents, swiss army knife, cooking equipment & utensils (if using campsites), tent, sleeping bags.

Helpful Tips:
  • It is not recommend to walk in cotton garments, jeans or silk thermals: perspiration means you are likely to feel damp and cold even inside the best raincoat.
  • Pack all your clothing in plastic bags inside your pack liner for added rain protection.
  • Keep your pack as light as possible while still taking the essentials - a lighter pack for walking during the day will enhance your experience. Remember that a pack transfer service is offered to ensure a completely enjoyable walk.
  • Remember there are shops along the way to buy extra provisions as you go along so you do not need to carry all provisions with you.



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