iconWalk-blackTorea Saddle to Mistletoe Bay

distanceIcon Distance: 8 km timeIcon Approx Time: 4 hr

The track passes through private land in this section. Make sure you have your QCTLC Pass - click here for more information »

This part of the journey also follows the ridge line. Here gorse and mānuka are prolific, sheltering shrubs and trees that will one day shade the way. A side walk leads to a lookout just before the descent to Te Mahia Saddle begins.

At Mistletoe Bay there are cabins and campsites. To book, contact Mistletoe Bay Eco Village (see the sections on accommodation/camping, and commercial operators above). There is also private accommodation at Te Mahia Bay.


Pick up / Drop off Points

Torea Bay, Lochmara Bay, Mistletoe Bay, Waterfall Bay


Portage Resort Hotel, Debretts Backpackers, Treetops Backpackers, Lochmara Lodge, Mistletoe Bay Eco Village, Te Mahia Bay Resort, Hopewell Lodge


Cowshed Bay campsite (DOC), Mistletoe Bay Eco Village


Cowshed Bay campsite, Torea Saddle, Te Mahia Saddle, Mistletoe Bay Eco Village


Cowshed Bay campsite