The Official Website of the Queen Charlotte Track

Conservation Management

Sounds Restoration Trust

The Sounds Restoration Trust, set up in 2007 by concerned local residents and holiday home owners, seeks to restore the native ecosystems and iconic landscapes of the Sounds by tackling threats such as plant and animal pests.

The initial project was for wilding pine control in the inner Queen Charlotte Sound and as a result an estimated 25,000 wilding pines have been controlled by injecting them with herbicide so far.

The Trust is supported by DOC, the Marlborough District Council, local landowners, national funding agencies and local businesses.

Track re-route and Upgrade

A regular programme of upgrades and re-routes happens on the Queen Charlotte Track to improve the track experience for users. Gradient, surface, and drainage are all improved under this programme. They also make the most of the stunning views.

While diggers are used by DOC staff a considerable amount of work it completed with hand tools. By making good use of natural materials such as local rock, and using culverts and dry stone walling to minimise the need for bridges to be built a concerted effort is made to keep costs to a minimum. This adds character to the track and enhances the walking/biking experience.